Welcome to the web site of Center for Women's Studies
Research activities conducted by the Centre serve to
support our teaching programme by means of questioning
and exploring current issues involving feminist practices,
public policy, and different theoretical orientations.
Teaching Program
Whilst our teaching programme has been changing
over the years, it has kept its main features:
it has remained alternative, provocative, innovative
and open to different viewpoints and ideas.
Center for
Women's Studies
is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary educational project
centred on teaching, publishing and research programmes.
It includes the single largest library of
feminist books and periodicals in Serbia.
Centre for Women's Studies publishes Genero: Journal of
Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies, as well as books and other
publications on the subject of feminist theory and history,
offering multidisciplinary analysis of
contemporary issues concerning the status of women.
Our library contains about 8000 volumes
in eight languages, mainly Serbian and English.
It has been an invaluable research resource to our
students and colleagues, as well as a wider audience.
... 1500 students attended the lectures ... 524 students received certificates ...