Six books written by Jeff Noon, each being a blend of SF, urban subculture and fairy tale, stem out of the author's wish to regenerate the spirit of Lewis Carroll in the British culture gone cynical. However, judging from his near-future escapades, Noon does not only reanimate Lewis Carroll, but also puts him into William Gibson's shoes and equips him with William Burrough's gun. And there is more in Noon's narrative disguise - in this writer's unique appearance you will also recognize the hard look of Orwell, the wry smile of Jonathan Swift and the good-humoured patronizing voice of Christian Andersen.

Dr Vladislava Gordić
Assistant Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Novi Sad

In literary history and criticism little has been said about the theory of character. Characterization is often vaguely described as "the depicting... of clear images of a person,""his actions and manners of thought and life", or as the portrayal of "a man's nature, environment, habits, emotions, desires, instincts".